Orphans Sponsorship:


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Due to the very bad war in the world overt here in Syria, a millions of people had been killed, displaced and too many of them still alive but unfortunately with disability.

How many children left without both parents or one of them. The dream in this little soul had been killed by orphaned them. They can’t say the word Dad but yours could. They can’t mention their mum names but yours they could.




They must not to be forgotten by usOur Almighty Allah (SWT) promised us in the Holy Quran by the big amount of wag if we look after orphans. Our beloved prophet Mohammad (SAAW) promised us to be with him in the Jannah if we look after them. In addition to this , you are going to be blessed by Allah in your family and health and life if you try to sponsor an orphan and join him/her to your kids provision.

This is your great chance To obey Allah (SWT) and bring the life for one soul by sponsoring him/her to continue study and live with the basic things for life so please hurry up and don’t delay as you don’t secure your life.


syrian orphans



Our orphan’s sponsorship program is running for those orphans, who didn’t find somebody from between the organizations there to sponsor them, this is our priority.




Our sponsorship policy contains too many conditions; such as the sponsored orphan has not to be sponsored by another organization at the same time if this is the case we would skip to the other orphan, also our priority would be given to those who don’t have any close adult men relatives. In this way we secure the sponsorship has gone to the proper person and to make sure not to duplicate sponsorship as well. Our monitoring policy will secure this not to happen as we report quarterly to the sponsors about their sponsored orphans and we would provide the sponsors with a direct contact number with the orphans so that the sponsors could contact the orphans him and his family and let children talk to each other and consequently the sponsor could make sure that he put his money in the right place.


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This program costing £20 P/Month for one child, and this would cover his need of cloth, food and health and prepare/introduce him to the education .


 It spares them from worrying where their next meal is coming from. This doesn’t just benefit the orphan in isolation – it gives a great boost to their wider family and community.
Other amounts: As outlined in the previous section, the programme aims to provide orphans with so much more than this basic support, therefore any regular or one-off donations allow us to grow the programme and cater for their other supplementary needs. These can include gifts on special occasions, or treats in the form of toys, new clothes and sweets. Fr those who want to make a supplementary gift or payment in special occasion like Eids or winter please inform us so we could allocate this in place.