Winter Appeal

  • Supply a Winter Package (Stove + Coal + Food Parcel) For One Family For The Whole Winter For Only (£250)
Winter Appeal Package 2020: 1- Heater and one-month supply of coal (£30 for Heater & £70 for Heater and One Month Coal Supply): About In the winter of 2019, around 15 Syrian children died due to the extreme weather conditions in their camps. Providing a coal heater and a 3-month supply of coal to a family in Northern Syria who are suffering every winter from the extreme cold will provide so much relief to them. The cold is forcing families to sit at home wrapped up in clothes and blankets trying to stay warm, some who can afford buying wood are burning it for warmth, others who can't afford buying wood are burning items such as clothes, plastic, and rubbish in order to survive. By providing a family with a heater you will alleviate their worries by keeping their home safe and warm for their children and elderly. 2- Coal – per Family, one month (£40)/2 months (£80) /whole winter (£120) About Supply a family with coal for their heaters in order to sustain them for longer through the winter months of the year. If families don't have coal for their heater, they will usually result to burning other things in desperation. They're risking inhaling toxic fumes from the plastic and rubbish they burn to survive. Keep a family safe by supplying them with the coal they need for the winter. 3- Food parcel - one month (£35)/ two months (£70)/ whole winter (£100) About Food is scarce in the Northern region of Syria. The economy is destroyed therefore shops overprice essential food items needed for survival. Providing a family with a food parcel will provide relief for at least a month. Families will have a month break from worrying constantly about finding food that month, they will not result to borrowing money in order to purchase these essential needs from the overpriced supermarkets. Instead they will be able to earn money as normal and the children can come out of labor and back into education. A ripple effect from a simple food parcel. 4- Whole Winter Package for One family Which included: 3 Food Parcel + Coal for Whole Winter + Stove = (£250/Family).